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What makes you you? So easy to notice, so hard to define? Look around your room, and try to see what it says. Because every object speaks. Some whisper, some shout, some throw just that little hint to what you’re about. Create your setting.

Let the world look around as you keep them guessing. Cast your spell. Craft your personal mystique.

What goes into the making of mystique in the first place? What goes into creating that furniture fashion statement you could call your own? Join us backstage as we share a wealth of insights and ideas with you. From smart design tips to a glance around the corner at what could be the next big thing. Big, not because the world will think so. Big because it’s about you.

Contemporary furniture gets the Al Huzaifa upgrade.

At Al Huzaifa it’s about piecing it all together. Today we turn our attention to contemporary furniture with the idea that while it is the genre of the moment, much of it looks backwards to mid-century styles. For all their elegance and timeless charm, these were expressions of a different time and place. Nostalgic references may be all very well but what if you’re looking for a personal expression that’s dynamic, infused with energy and presents an innovative attitude in a world that’s reinventing itself? What would reflect you? What would your style statement be?

It’s time then, that someone took the Contemporary genre in hand, shook it out of its passive, predictable uniformity and gave it a whole new energy. Staging on Al Wasl from 19 January 2019, the brand’s newest experience takes you on a joyride over 30,000 square feet of furniture, carpets, throws and accessories, set against some of the most striking wallpapers yet.

What makes it so unique is the way Al Huzaifa brings luxury and quirkiness to liven up the genre. There’s much to see by way of carefully matched grains of veneer that set a theme across multiple pieces of furniture, the surprising manner in which riveted copper brackets snap around the corners of a quietly elegant headboard, or tabletops that are marbled like something out of a quarry but – unexpectedly – are actually made of porcelain. An exclusive Bespoke service helps customers tie it all up with custom-designed curtains and distinctive wallpapers.

5 top tips to craft your furniture fashion statement

  1. Consider the impact that a boldly designed piece of furniture brings to any room to make a major style statement.
  2. Step out of your comfort zone – in terms of the look and attitude. But make no compromises when it comes to sheer comfort.  No one deserves to be a fashion victim.
  3. Make sure your choices are your own. It’s one thing to pick up influences, but an altogether different matter if you’re seeking to ‘wear’ someone else’s expression.
  4. Like various pieces but not sure if they go together? Worry not, you can be as eclectic as you like and pull it off in style. If in doubt, a word with our designers should set you on your way. Remember, at the end of the day it’s all about you. Ask about customization options.
  5. Premium quality has a way of showing up. Differences may be subtle but things have a way of registering. It’s like with music. Listen to a piece on a great audio system, then on an ordinary one. You’ll know it. Lookalikes do not feel alike.

So there you have it. There’s never been a more exciting time to explore the art of expressing your personal mystique through the space you call yours. The curtain rises on a whole new generation of Contemporary furniture and we bring it all together. And it’s yours for the picking!


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